Archived: Yellow by Morgan Hawthorn


As it shines through my window,

Yellow wakes me

As bright as the midday sun,

Yellow illuminates the clear skies

As tasty as can be,

Yellow lemonade over a glass of ice

Yellow is joy


As it shines in the skies,

Yellow boosts up higher than the clouds

As is beams in the night,

Yellow is as bright as a star

As it heats the earth,

Yellow lifts the curve of a mouth

Yellow is glee


As it warms the skin,

Yellow gives energy to fuel a busy life

As it beams for all to see,

Yellow brings liveliness to a dead soul

As shines through the atmosphere,

Yellow lightens the burdens

Yellow is hope



I am a preschool teacher who loves Netflix, hiking, and Disney World! Currently, I am working towards my bachelor’s degree in elementary education and my Colorado teach license.