Archived: Worry by Hannah Taskila


Breath in, breath out, a never ending feeling

Fills the mind, heart, lungs, every nerve ending.

The constant pound of a beating heart fills the ears like a pounding wave.

Drowning in a wave pool of never ending waves.

Waiting for a breath of fresh air you crave.

Each storm passes to a peaceful calm.

Lightning, thunder, crashing waves. Breathless tones fill the air.

One whispering breath escapes drowning lips.

Consumed by worries of the world.




It will never come to an end.

One peaceful day, not far away, the storm will separate allowing the sun to shine.

Happiness is the calming of the storm.

The rays fill the dark skies with bright wonderment.

Tranquility will come to those who wait

When does waiting turn to results.

Only when the sun pushes through the storm, will the waves of worry calm.


I am a 24 year old aspiring author that hopes one day to write a brilliant novel to be published. When not doing school work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and family. They are my biggest supporters and I hope to make them proud!