Visiting by Princess Nasya Yahudah-Dobbs

I just want to be in your arms
Have them wrapped around me like a warm, tight blanket
With my little feet on top of your huge ones
As we waddle like one big penguin
And you have me wrapped in your big coat         5
Like a safety net so the harsh wind will not hit my face.

I want your rough thumbs to wipe my face
When my river flowing tears flow down my soft brown cheeks.
To hear your calming deep voice say,
Everything will be okay,               10
That I am stronger than whatever I have to face in life
That this too will pass if given the time it deserves.

I want those long walks in the park
When it's the cool autumn time
And the wind has a chilly, crisp feeling outside,           15
Where we collect bright dancing leaves blowing in the air
Because they have just fallen off the trees
Then we put them in our book, and watch them slowly become colorless
In the pages, and when they have no more life,
We let them go back into the earth.             20

I want to go to the small coffee shop
Where I get steaming hot cocoa, and you get a sweet coffee,
And we talk about hypothetical lives as we slurp our warm, toasty drinks
While we watch the golden sun go down and the time withers away.
Then walk back home,             25
In the cold, frosty air
To get in cozy, warm pajamas that just came out of the dryer
With a classic movie and a snuggly blanket to cuddle in.

I want to laugh as though we are hyenas.
Laugh until our guts feel as though they are going to explode,        30
Until we are crying so hard we can’t stop.
To have goofy moments with you
Where we sing and dance until our hearts' content
And we can do nothing but be happy in the moment we have created together.

I miss those moments, those fun times,                35
Those times when we just embraced each other for who we are
Those times where we were there for each other no matter what happened
I wish I had cherished every second, minute, and hour with you
As though they were priceless gems from mother nature.

I wish you could have stayed…                 40
But I guess like leaves, some things are not meant to stay.
Some things are just meant to visit.