Archived: Untitled by Elizabeth Ellis

The voices in my head

Won’t shut up.

They squawk and screech,

An atrium in the zoo.


Sometimes they are few.

Questioning acts to be made.

Condemning those who are wrong.

Like indignant dogs at fences.


Often the voices

Are many.

Demanding the participation

That I cannot refuse.


Repeating, repeating, repeating…

They do not listen.

They do not hear.

They do not care.


That the noises

Make me crazed.

Indistinct uttering.

Hiding in the cave.


Now they have faces.

A picture with sounds.

The same questions again;

Have already been answered.


Occasional, blessed




“Quack!” They start again.


Remember, remember, remember…

Fortify your speech.

Put on a smile.

Nice tone of voice.


Jabbering squirrels hiding their nuts.

Tediously unvarying

In the quest to amass.

The best roost in the tree.

Into the sun,

The time has come,

Liberation is at hand!

At least until the next

Work week.



I am a returning student to Aims after an eight year break. I have found my motivation in life and am ready to embark on my future. I have learned a lot in my two semesters back at Aims. I have learned that it is okay to be almost 30 and figuring out your life. I have found a love for writing and plan on making a career of it.