Archived: Until the Cherry Blossoms Bloom Again by Emma Serrano

Cold air pricks at my throat as I take a deep breath
Sheets of snow cover the train tracks below
This station has long since been abandoned
So why do I still linger?
You promised we would one day meet again
“When the branches sprout blossoming petals”
It seems that time will never come for us though
The never-ending winter days are but a harsh reminder
How long has it been?
Snowflakes that floated in the air like specks of dust
Are now falling petals of cherry blossoms
And as the remnants of winter begin to melt away
I hear the faint sound of a train whistle in the distance
. . .
Inspired by: “Spring Day” by BTS


Biography: When it comes to finding inspiration for my writing, no one artist or thing helps fuel my creativity; it’s a multitude of various things. I find inspiration from all kinds of things, and whether that’s a song from a specific artist, a video game franchise, books, environment, there is no limit. It could even be as simple as something I encountered in my day-to-day life. Eventually, I take all these pieces of inspiration and just try to culminate them into an entire thing, which in this case would be my writing. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to do so. Because I have so many ideas happening all at once that I want to use in my writing, it becomes challenging to incorporate them in a way that will make sense and yet not go overboard. Then it sometimes leads to having writer’s block or not feeling satisfied with my work which I let pass on its own for the most part. I have recently been getting inspiration from film/video game soundtracks and just songs in general, but again, there are so many I’ve listened to that it’s hard to name them off the top of my head.