Archived: United in Differences by Annette Miller

The giant stands, waving
Its hands like an insect’s antennae.
Its verdant leaves are fairies
Sparkling and wiggling in joy.
The wind’s beat makes them dance.
Little ones climb into
Its grandfatherly lap
And dream about adventure.
The marks on its skin are roads,
Traversing, crisscrossing,
Overlapping, separating,
Joining, branching,
Extending like river tributaries.
Its callouses present memories
Of long life and years to come,
Scars, splinters, sears from burns.
Each branch is a soul, a person,
Interconnected into one family
With roots reaching into the past.
Different shape, size, color,
Height, wood, bark, age,
Weaknesses, strengths, but still

All are trees.


Bio: I love music, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. I am a concurrent enrollment student taking classes at Aims. My goal is to graduate high school with an Associates degree.