Trixie Mattel by Ashlen Livingston

Biography: I’ve been attending Aims since 2022 and have greatly enjoyed my classes and professors. The drawing Trixie Mattel was done in my Drawing 1 class with Mr. Luna. My inspiration for this piece came from the art form of drag, and more specifically, RuPual’s Drag Race. I think drag is a beautiful expressive outlet that builds confidence. Being a part of the queer community has opened up my world to so many different forms of art that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. As someone who takes pride in my identity, I find it important to express my values through my art. Considering the current political climate, I feel it is necessary to be an activist and openly fight for LGBTQIA+ rights. Trixie Mattel is a beautiful drag queen and a lovely example of how the art form can help people be themselves. With the state of the world today, I want to continue to show my compassion for members of the queer community while displaying my artistic talents.”