Too Busy to Cry by Brooklyn Capuano

Your thoughts flow like waves in the ocean

New waves every second, every minute, every hour

Rushing waters; rushing thoughts 

Rushing time that’s rarely still


You told me you never cry

And that made me cry for you

I keep you in my dreams at night

And in my thoughts during day 

You’re there at all times


You told me you can’t stop thinking

I can’t stop thinking of you

You can’t stop thinking, period

I cry for you, you’re too busy thinking


Do dreams come true? 

Would my dreams of you ever be real?

Are you more than my delusional mind,

Are you more than a tear down my face?


I cry for you

You told me you never cry


I tell you you’re just a human

A human whose bones break and whose heart breaks more

A human who feels 

Who feels all the time 

Who thinks

Even if they don’t stop 

A human who cries


You told me you never cry