To Silence by Jeff Thatch

I love Silence.

Silence is forgiving,
She does not judge, or pressure or command
I can be myself with Silence, She is my friend
many people fear Her, despise Her, chase Her away
I invite Her in, comfort Her, as she comforts me

sometimes She disappears and i have to find Her
She likes to be alone, we have that in common
I search for Her, I know Her favorite spots to hide because, they are also my favorite
the mountains beyond the trails, the woods with no paths
when I find Her, I pull Her close, hold Her tight
no words need to be said, She knows I love Her


Biography: To me, poetry is more than just words on a page; it serves as a powerful tool, capable of dissecting the complexities of the human experience and transforming them into tangible pictures using language. It offers support in times of turbulence, insight in moments of reflection, and beauty in the ordinary. Through poetry, I find a fortress of solitude, where I can navigate the depths of my soul (the light and the dark) and express the indescribable with clarity and dexterity. Poetry is an art form that speaks directly to the heart, transcending barriers of time, culture, and circumstance. In essence, poetry is my refuge and the window that allows people to look inside and see the real me.