Archived: To Covet Thee by Scarlett Dougherty

It is unfair, to say the least,

Like a gooey, green beast,

A reminder to the have-nots.


A wish, a need

A craving to see,

My drawers overfilling with stuff.


A chill on my spine,

Fur catches my eye,

That coat deserving of better.


A rainbow bouquet,

Way to ruin my day,

I wish I had someone like that.


A car rushes by,

Crushing my side,

But drives over you completely.


They tend to me,

Helping me breathe,

But you got the prettier nurse.


It doesn’t look good,

Drowning in blood,

Still you get all the attention.


Here I lie,

Waiting to die,

Jealous you went before me.



My name is Scarlett, I’m 21 years old and an English major. I spend my free time writing and hope to publish my own novel.