Archived: Through the Darkest Nights by Phillip Lara

Biography: My name is Phillip Lara, and I usually go by Phil. I am currently pursuing a video production degree at Aims in hopes of working with film as a career. I have always loved being in the mountains since I can remember. It wasn’t until I was inspired by a friend who took photos that made me say to myself “I think I can do that.” Ever since, I have loved showing those closest to me what I see through my eyes as well as being a storyteller while experiencing new adventures. I am inspired by a lot of other artists who I try to learn from just by listening to their stories. I am amazed by what nature has to offer from a rising sun providing a beautiful colored sky over a landscape to encapsulating a beautiful Colorado life. I am captivated by the stories told by the sounds of wind rattling the leaves as well as sounds of intimate streams running off terrain or the embrace of nature’s inhale and exhale. I’m just a simple person trying to be creative and inspiring in different ways and aspiring to be a great storyteller. Other photographers who have inspired me are Alex Burke, Ben Horne, Alan Brock, Gavin Hardcastle, Nick Page, Diego McCartney and many others.