Archived: The White Blanket by Alan Jaimes

A White Blanket

At morning’s rise, windows are freshly painted with white powder

Children’s imaginations drawn artistically in the fog

Many rush down to enjoy the view with a warm cup made from love

Opening the door is like entering into a new realm

Filled with light rain that floats down in harmony with their brothers and sisters from the heavens

As a gentle breeze kisses the landscape

Bits of white smooth sand dance romantically together, enough beauty to melt themselves

The moment this white powder touches the skin

The body experiences a rush, a type that is new and different from the warmth of the sun

Every breath taken depletes the stress of the day

Making it possible to enjoy what nature has given to her children of the earth

The manufacture of compacted white flakes

Encourages battles, even wars, against loved ones in teams of one up to five

But only love is felt amongst the families in white covered cities and white covered towns





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