Archived: The Weed in the Garden by Norma Keeney

I am looked upon as an annoyance that grows where grass should grow. I tower over the grass with my beautiful display of yellow flowers.

Nevertheless, I am much more than that.

I have the power to heal the human body. The liver loves me and cancer runs away from me.

Yet, humans step on me or try to pull me out of the dirt along with my roots.

I am so much more than that.

Why can’t they see that I am a good plant and not just a weed?

My name is dandelion


Biography: Aims Community College is a great place to work! I started in August 2016. Later, I decided to go for an Associates in Liberal Arts. It took me four years to complete; it was worth the sacrifice and time it took to complete the degree program.

While working towards my degree, I took creative writing classes. I was hooked! I’ve always liked to write in my journal but not at this level. It seemed like a gate was opened, and I began to write. I started creating characters and places I’ve never thought of. Some days, it felt I couldn’t shut my mind off from the story and characters. Their personalities became real to me. Then the story began to come together. There was one particular character I created that was inspired by a show I watched. This character became the perfect mate for the protagonist. It’s instances like this that make me happy I discovered writing.

Writers like Paula Brackston, Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown and Jude Devereaux have inspired me. Their stories are captivating and grabbed me from the start and pulled at my heart strings until the very last page. Their stories took me to faraway places and met characters that I never forgot. Once in a while I’ll re-read their books and it’s like visiting old friends. To me, life is too short to read a book that is not enchanting.