The Unloved Boy by Kaylie Howard

There once was a boy, so brave and so true,

But sadly, he was loved by few.

He had no family, no friends to call his own,

And he often felt like he was all alone.


But he never let that get him down,

And he never wore a single frown.

For he knew that he was special, in his own way,

And he would prove it to the world one day.


His spirit never did die,

For he always aimed towards the sky.

He faced the world with a heart full of love,

And he never lost sight of the things above.


He climbed the highest mountains and crossed the widest seas,

And he never let anything bring him to his knees.

He lives with his head held high,

And never lets the world pass him by.


His bravery was a light that shone so bright,

And gave hope to all who were lost in the night.

For he was a hero, a champion of the fight,

And he stood up for what he knew was right.


Every day felt the same.

Day by day, he felt shame.

He tried to search for fame,

But couldn’t wrap his head around his own name.


And though he was unloved by most,

He knew that he was loved by the world, through and though.

For he showed us that anything is possible,

And we are all heroes if we are unstoppable.