Archived: The Origin of Magic by Robert Beeks

Act 1

The Concept of Creation to End Boredom

Shadow: The beginning

Elder/Narrator: God/Creator of the Realm and world and other gods

Unknown Entity: Unknown Entity

Balthan:  A lesser god tasked with the duty to protect and guide

Malthan: A lesser god tasked with the duty to guide and protect


In a vast and empty void devoid of light or physical form

A small shadow moves about in eternity

Filtering through the folds within folds 

A sense of endless boredom follows

Another entity shines on the small shadow


Unknown: Shall you float alone forever? Does it not drive you to anything at all?

Shadow: What the who?

(silence stretches)

Shadow: Didn’t know I could do this! What’re you?

Unknown: That would spoil our fun if I told you that. An idea occurs, an exciting adventure awaits. You just need to take place to see it happen.

Shadow: See what happen?

Unknown: Chaos erupting, a grand but necessary folly, everything.

Shadow: I know everything; I have seen everything; you are the only new here.

Unknown: Knowing that and seeing that would be boring, So I stopped you.

Shadow: Really? How fun, I suppose I should begin then.

Unknown: Technically, you already have, or will, or can. Really, you know this part!

Narrator: The unknown light slowly darkens and vanishes. The shadow is left alone, wallowing in his boredom, he wills into being a new realm. A figure takes appearance in the place of the small shadow.

Elder: Well, no time like the present. I shall begin, a home for me.

(Amphitheater style building overlooking the vast and endless void is now present [stage])

Elder: There, a place to work. Hmmm, I think I shall begin with a square. Something basic, flat, and pink!

(pink flat square appears on screen)

Elder: No. Round, a sphere. Pink works, though.

(Pink sphere appears on screen)

Elder: I think (snaps finger), there we go, creatures. Those should entertain me for a time. I’ll give them instinct to eat, breed, and sleep. Oh, some will eat these (claps hands) um. . .plants! And others (waggles fingers) will eat the ones that eat the others!

Narrator: And so the Elder settles down and watches the creatures on his pink sphere eat the plants or each other. Watches them slowly travers the empty globe spreading out too far.

Elder: (sneezes) Oh, what is that? I’ll call it water. 

(Pink sphere on screen gets patches of land and bodies of “water” across it.)

Elder: Oh! Some of the animals are changing! Nice, in the water they go. Neat. New adventures for them!

Narrator: After millenia, the Elder becomes bored and wishes to branch out.

Elder: One in Red, One in Blue; both my sons, both my patsies! They can have knowledge of the world but must learn some! I will teach them even! They will keep me entertained and take care of my world! 

(Two orbs appear, one Red, one Blue, slowly they form into beings like the Elder)

Malthan: Good morning, Elder.

Balthan: Elder, Good morning. 

Elder: Hello boys, shall we begin?

Narrator: For a thousand years, Elder trains the boys. He teaches them as best as he can but sets them on their own paths. They act like children, arguing and fighting each other over every little thing.

Elder: Enough, you two. You have to stop fighting like this; you are not even completing full thoughts before getting in the face of the other!

Balthan: Well maybe if someone could understand the intricacies of . . .

Malthan: Really, intricacies of stupidity?

Balthan: Must you interrupt everything?

Malthan: Of course, that is part of our task is it not?

Balthan: I do not think Elder meant for you to be such a… 

Malthan: Better example of useful?

Balthan: Yes, exact. . . No! An obnoxious fool!

(Elder off to the side snickers without sound – shoulder movements!)

Balthan/Malthan: Elder! We are ready for your next task!

Elder: (points towards the screen) That, is my sphere. It has creatures, called animals on it. They are on land and in the “water;” some eat plants, some eat others! I want you two to watch them and keep track on how they act. I have something I am cooking up, okay?

Malthan: Why pink? It. . .looks very. . .

Balthan: Stupid.

Malthan: I wouldn’t say stupid. . .

Balthan: That is okay, I did.

Malthan: . . .but wouldn’t something else work better?

Elder: Like what? Everything is pink!

Malthan: Mix it up some? So we can tell things apart?

Balthan: We can’t see them like you if everything is just . . .pink. . .

Elder: Fine. (shakes left foot) There now they are all sorts of colors.

Malthan/Balthan: Thank you!


Act 2

The New Creations, Free will, Sealed Omni

Elder: God/Creator of the Realm and world and other gods

Narrator: Narrator

Balthan:  A lesser god tasked with the duty to protect and guide

Malthan: A lesser god tasked with the duty to guide and protect


Narrator: Another set of thousands of years slips by

(Malthan/Balthan stand at the edge of the amphitheater and watch the creations as instructed. A couple of chairs and couches sit around them – Elder walks on stage to them)

Elder: I have done it! I have created what I like to call “Humans.”

Malthan: To replace us?

Balthan: What do they eat?

Elder: What? No! Sort of. . .

Malthan: Sort of?

Balthan: What is sort of?

Elder: I know and See all. I need a break. I need a chance to do other things to enjoy myself. So I made. . .

Malthan: humans. . .

Balthan: How will they entertain you?

Elder: I am giving them Free will. They will still want to eat, breed, and sleep, but they will also do other things!

Malthan: Free Will?

Balthan: Other things?

Elder: They have the ability to think and grow. 

Malthan: Why?

Balthan: To like, make their own way?

Elder: Exactly Balthan. They can learn, and think, and create. Their path will be an endless sense of wonder and joy, something we can only guess, and possibly even be wrong about! 


Malthan: For what purpose?

Elder: To entertain me. I have always existed. I see and know all. I am bored. It is boring to have everything. So I plan to do something.

Balthan: Live as one?

Malthan: But you already know what happens!

Elder: Not everything! I have already seen to that! (laughs)

Balthan: How?

Elder: I sealed it away, so I can enjoy it. 

Malthan: So, we will work and watch over them and you while gone?

Balthan: Do we need to intercede on your behalf if something happens?

Elder: I left a book on the altar for you in the other room. It will have the answers you need, when you need them. Otherwise I do not want you to do anything directly unless required, they are on the brink, or My form is in danger.

Malthan/Balthan: Understood.

Elder: When I go down, I will seal myself; though I will still have the knowledge I will keep it from myself to enjoy my creations. I will return as needed alright?

Malthan: We will guide and protect them.

Balthan: We will protect and guide them.

Elder: Good, I want you to understand I am not upset or angry with you two; you are exactly as I created you to be. Even down to your random childish fights that

Malthan: Balthan always starts.

Balthan: I do not! You start them.

Malthan: I have no idea. . . .

Balthan: Most honest thing you have ever said. . .

Malthan: At least I am better looking than you.

Balthan: Oh please, you would scare the world to death with that face!

Elder: ALTHANS! You have the same face. . . 

Malthan/Balthan: That is cruel!

Malthan: Moron.

Balthan: How dare you!

Malthan: Well don’t copy me!

Balthan: I didn’t! You copied me!

(Elder snickers in background)

Balthan: You are just mad I made sharks!

Malthan: You wish they were as cool as the lions!

Balthan: Ha, I have mountains!

Malthan: I can see for miles on my plains! 

Balthan: Boring and flat just like your mind!!

Malthan: Better than sharp spikes of intelligence then barren slopes of stupidity!

Elder: I am going.

(Both run up and hug Elder together)

Malthan: Have a safe journey.

Balthan: Enjoy your time.

Malthan: We will watch over them for you.

Balthan: We will uphold your rules.

Elder: Good hands will they be left in then. Enjoy yourselves and the world. Without being omni, you two should enjoy existence for a very long time, so much new stuff for you. If any true creation ending things happen, I will return.

Malthan/Balthan: Yes sir.

(Elder walks to the screen and into the world below)


Act 3

The Creation of Hatred Due to the Desire of Good

 Elder/Narrator: God/Creator of the Realm and world and other gods

Balthan:  A lesser god tasked with the duty to protect and guide

Malthan: A lesser god tasked with the duty to guide and protect


In an amphitheater style building overlooking a 

small bluish orb, two beings stand at the edge looking 

down on the realm their Elder created and wandered off to

thousands of years ago.


(Balthan approaches the edge where Malthan stands)

 Balthan: Why are we here?

 Malthan: What?

 Balthan: Sorry, just felt like the right way to start this . . .

Malthan: Why do I always get a headache. . .

Balthan: Trying to think probably.

(Malthan strikes Balthan in the head)

Balthan: I am telling Elder when he returns and you. . .

Malthan: Not if I tell him first you utter. . . 

Balthan: How dare!!!!!

Narrator: Yet another argument sparks. . . 

 . . .an anomaly appears at the point of divinity on the world

Balthan: What the  Elder was that!?!?!?

Malthan: Go get the book. I will keep watch over it. If it spreads out I. . .

Balthan runs off

Malthan: will finish a sentence one day. . .but that looks like the location where Elder entered the realm. I wonder what could be happening. I doubt Elder didn’t know. Probably has directions on what to do and how to fix it in the book. I swear Elder has no trust in . . .

Balthan runs back with a book in hand and shoves it into Malthan

Balthan: you perhaps, understandably, can’t even get a book yours. . . .

While looking through the book Malthan: Not now brother. Time to act like a god okay?

Balthan: Understood. It looks like a vortex of Elder’s power slowly rising from his entry point.

Malthan: Very true; it is not getting larger, but more consistent.

Balthan: By the Elder look!

Both stare down to the orb below, watching creatures fighting and attacking each other and feeding on the Sparks of Divinity

Malthan: Found it, they are called Cereth, Accidents crea. . .

Balthan: “Accidents?” whose? Elder would nev. . .

Malthan: Shut up, I’m getting there; anyway, you pain in the. . . 

Balthan: Spit it out, god time, remember!

Malthan: created when Elder entered the realm and the animals were warped slowly by his presence. They feed on one another in their instinctual desire for the spark. 

Malthan flips a few pages

Hmm. . . It seems like they will go after the humans. They are mostly instinctual but also a blight on the world. Their presence leaves scars behind. . . and poisonous wounds. . .

Balthan: We must do something immediately!

Malthan: The book doesn’t tell us anything else, so what do we do?

Balthan: What is necessary, The mortals have to be on the brink for us to step in. Perhaps we can create.

Malthan: Warriors with an extra spark!

Balthan: Golems to. . . yes, warriors with extra power. . . (trails off)

The blank stares shared. . .

Malthan: Why don’t we break for a moment and come up with something?

Balthan: Yes, quite.

Both walk off, return from opposite sides looking beat up and worn out, exhaustion is clear on both, slow steady limping walk towards each other.

Balthan/Malthan: I created something you may like!

Malthan: Go first brother, much to do.

Balthan: I worried about the creatures themselves. They will be a hazard towards others, yet the poisonous wounds would not leave my mind, and I created two branches to this:

Holds up two golden orbs, connected by two thin beams

Balthan: Divine Magic. The first, Paladins, the shield upon which they will crash, and the blade that will cut them down. Protection, invigoration, with some healing. The front line warriors, and in their conception, I made these, Clerics, healers. The last defence. Their powers lay in healing and easing the passing of others. Yet able to create great shields to protect others.

The Paladins will be able to draw on great wells of power to create shields, strengthen their bodies, keep themselves alive, invulnerable on occasions; to keep fighting no matter how long the battle has been going on.

The clerics though, I see no need or want of them on battlefields. After, yes, but not during. They are healers. Those meant to make it easier and simpler to give birth and pass to the next.

A soft smile filters onto Malthan’s face, almost proud of his brother’s unintended desire to protect and heal. Presents to his brother four orbs all interconnected by thin strands.

Malthan: Elemental magic. Split into four main branches. 

Fire: The ability to burn, to cauterize, to purify, and to cook food.

Earth: The ability to alter and rebuild the land, resupply nutrients and make food easier to grow, while also holding the ability to heal the scars.

Water: Purifying, cooking, cleaning. Washing away disease and helping to feed and hydrate others.

Air: The vortex may be more of a miasma than anything; this will help them to keep the air clean to avoid many dangers. 

With these four, they can even become mixtures of some. To help defend if needed, but more to survive and thrive!

Narrator: Both brothers in their exhaustion move the orbs together creating six sparks of divinity tied together through the need to protect, to heal, to survive. 

Balthan: With these powers and a second spark given to the people, they will have their fighting chance.

Malthan: Yes, to work together to keep the Cereth from devouring Elder’s world.

Balthan: We need to rest, I have tied my subconscious to the Divine. This way if they need more assistance, even during our sleep, we can help them, even if it’s just a boost.

Malthan: I will do the same to the Elemental. If their need is great, Elder’s rules can not stop us.

Balthan: We need a way to teach them, to help them understand.

Malthan: Books, one for each sect, sent to the first of each. They will be the beginning of their guilds.

Balthan: Good, and with this, a closer relationship.

Malthan: a safer livelihood.

Balthan while slowly sitting down: A stronger people for Elder. . .

Malthan laying back on his own kline: A healthier world. . . .

Narrator: The books and sparks flashing over the world, a new lineage coming into life, what after all, is the worst that can happen when the creators automatically approve due to sleep? Looking around the world, lost in the chaos that has sprung, divinity at a larger rate than before, an old man shakes his head as he watches two armies slowly clash in the open plains below him.

Golden magic flaring from one side, while the elements themselves erupt from the other.

Elder: What is it that has happened to you my creations? Such chaos that has taken hold. The corruption and cruelty that has entered your hearts, oh how I curse myself for locking away my omni to see you this day in such form. Mayhaps there is an answer that I can find or one I can lead to the necessary answer for what those two boys of mine have wrought.


Biography: I am at Aims for the Aviation program and the English program. I have been playing with writing for twenty years, including creating many different characters and worlds. Writing is an escape from reality and a world of “What if’s” that is fun to delve into. Creating an entire realm of possibilities has always been an amazing experience. There are so many rules, yet only those that we allow ourselves to follow have an impact. I have always had a passion for reading. With all the times I have spent with my face in a book, I desired the ability to write my own stories. I am a writer of fantasy. I have been heavily inspired by R. A. Salvatore, Christopher Paolini, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, and K. A. Applegate.