Archived: The Ocean and the Moon by Shannon Foster


The moon signals the tide

to arrive upon the shore

pulling sand and sea

within and without

ebbing and flowing

and brimming with hope

Stunning it is that the moon

billions of miles away in space

seemingly unaffected by life on earth

controls the tide

the immeasurable ocean

we fear and explore

It’s as though the moon herself

is in love with the ocean

so each night she arrives

to witness him dance upon the beach

pulling sea stars and salt water and sea shells with him

ever awaiting her signal

to fall back into the lovely

vast depths of himself

They will never touch

the ocean and the moon

but they are desperately in love

Perhaps this is nature’s greatest love story

and we’ve been blind to it

for all these millennia

The speckled, porcelain white skin of the moon

and the tumultuous, impossibly blue

water of the ocean

can never collide as they wish

but they can reflect one another

Each night the moon hovers sacredly

above her ocean

and he cradles her in his watery waves

never touching

ever ebbing

as they create the tide together

pulling life within and without

upon the beach

in a chorus of beautifully blissful

impossibly peaceful sounds




Shannon is a writer with dreams of becoming published.