Archived: The Gift of Nature by Aaron Laubach


Biography: It started with my sister going to Aims Community College, as she was pursuing her career in vet science. I saw this as an opportunity to help figure out what I loved to do which fell into the field of liberal arts. Outside of math, science, and reading, art has allowed me to think more creatively. Art is who we are in my opinion. Sure were good at math and science, but people all around us are inspired by creativity, from the movies they watch to photographs they visualize. That is what art means to me, which is being able to inspire others, and letting them think creatively. When I was in high school, my photography teacher taught me different ways to capture nature so I began to explore the art of photography more. When I got to college, that was the perfect time for me to try out the ways he taught me. When I was a lot younger, I did not have an artist bone in my body. It wasn’t until I got to high school that my teacher had me think differently, and more creatively. Some artists that inspired me were my high school photography teacher Micheal Vasa, my former college photography teacher Robert Waltman, and my high school principal, Michelle Scallon.