Archived: The Darkness by Abby Moser

Trigger Warning: Abuse

The Sun and the Moon
I didn’t question 
that he was placed here for me.
The light he carried 
cured the darkest parts of my soul.
I lost myself in him
When he left
Darkness greeted me with a kiss.
I let it devour me whole
Now each night I wait for the light to come back.


His hands used to grab my hips lovingly
Now with his hand around my throat 
I can't help but wonder how we got here

The Dead

The scream woke me before the lightning
Sweat trickled my forehead
A tremor settling in my legs
I knew that scream
The same one I heard in the car
The lightning was relentless
As was the scream ringing inside my head
How could I do this
She had a life too
But mine meant more
I want the voices to quiet down
She refuses to be silenced