The Cost of the Few by Katelea Diaz

Red, blue, and gold are the colors of the bold

The few, the proud, not just a part of the crowd.

Choosing to lose one’s freedom,

So that others can have theirs. 

From completing all the chores while wearing this uniform

Live in a dorm with 3 other people who call themselves leathernecks

Everyone hit the deck.

Get on your face, to keep up with the pace.

In this race, being lost, for choosing

To join the military, but don’t care, 

Embrace the suck, consider it luck.

To be born in 

A country where the brave get sworn in

And cut their hair

3 months of hell, the benefits are swell

But does the cost outweigh the benefit?

Is it worth it? Just to say…

Keep going marine, war-fighting machine

Devil dog

Jar head

The old life is dead, 

When its time to go home, the people say there is a change,

The drill instructors re-arranged the attitude

Instilled discipline,

That spills out from this core, sent to spill

The blood of the enemies, trained to kill

To slay bodies.

How could anyone come back normal? 

Not trained to regain a normal grasp on life, 

Sent home to start back where life never stopped. 

Family and friends continued on in a new normal,

While this life would prove to be abnormal. 

Lifting the chin just trying to fit in, 

While the monsters inside eat the host alive.