Archived: The Clouds Are Different Here by JJ Jimenez

Sometime between dusk and dawn
In a col stop on the edge of town
A glass angel walked in the door.

Though we wore no crown,
She greeted each of us like queen.
And with grace sat down to read.

She was the friendliest face I'd seen
After a night cold and tired.
I was determined to catch her eye.

And so thus inspired,
toward her table I walked
Pulling out a book of my own.

Through the morning we talked
Leaving that cold stop behind 
Entering the brisk air.

But I would come to find
That this glass angel at my side
Had cracks in those eyes.

Those cracks never lied.
They had no malice or hate.
Strange tales did they hide.

She told me of far-off states.
Places I once called home,
Miles and miles away.

Her memory did roam,
Stories with an unfamiliar tint
Each came and went.

Upwards she would squint,
Saying, "The clouds are different here,
I wish they would change."

But the skies were clear
And her mind was not.
This much I could tell.

What it is she forgot
To this day I wonder.

What did she meet along the way
That tore her mind asunder?