Archived: The Cave of Glacial Obstruction by Kayla Wruck


Biography: Hi, thank you for viewing my photography. My name is Kayla Wruck, and I am just your average college student with high goals and ambitions to start my own business and help others in every way I can. I have many little side hobbies that I enjoy doing outside of college, and one of those hobbies is photography. Many photos I take are my personal first experiences that I want to remember and share. It was my first time exploring a massive glacial cave that glowed at night, and it was my first time watching hot air balloons take flight. I cherish first experiences like these greatly, and so I capture these photos to share my experience with others like you, who may find as much joy and beauty in them as I do. That sort of unintentionally rhymed. Maybe the next hobby I pick up will be writing poetry. Haha! Thanks again.