Archived: The Best Prank That No One Will Ever Be Able To Top by Alex Geslin

It was the best senior prank University Schools had ever seen. I wasn’t sure we could really pull it off, but you should never underestimate a bunch of nerds who are theater kids and watch far more science fiction that is normal for someone. Matt said it was ambitious, Sire said it was insane, Austin called me insane. But I knew we could do it as long as we called in some favors with friends that had already graduated, and the incoming seniors. Assuming they were willing to help.

Not sure why I had a doubt that they wouldn’t help. When I told Owen, Ryan and Darren my plan, they jumped at the chance. Even Courtney did, which was surprising considering we hadn’t been on good terms for a while, and as for the Juniors, well… all it took was me telling them about a secret vending machine we hid in the theater, and they were in the plan as well. The next step was getting the plan into motion. A giant curtain wasn’t hard to find. We just had to go to the “Beyond” section of Bed, Bath and Beyond and we were in business. I also managed to find a machine that generates any flavor of Jell-O. We actually didn’t NEED that for the prank, but it’s a good thing to have for a College Freshman.

Next was a crane, so we could cover the school with the curtain. Unfortunately, we were pressed for time, so the crane never worked out, but we managed to get our hands on a Helicopter and used that to cover the school with the tarp. Second was an Inter-dimensional warp field generator that could transport the school into an alternate dimension. That one we actually found on eBay from someone who was in Roswell. And finally, we needed to make a mold of the school, so that when we removed the school from this dimension, it would still look like the school was under the curtain, and to make sure it would disappear when we removed the curtain.

After that, all we needed to do was wait until our night before our last day of school. Have you ever seen a bunch of theater kids and nerds act like James Bond and sneak around? It’s hilarious. Also, did you know that Helicopters have a silent mode? Anyway, once the mold and curtain were in place, we had to get into the Gym and activate the IDWFG, and for that, we told our Advisor about the plan. He got a good laugh out of it, and told us he’d leave the window to his classroom unlocked. So, curtain covering the school: Check. Mold in place: Check. IDWFG in the Gym and activated: Check.

Thankfully, the IDWFG could be turned on and off with the snap of one’s fingers, so the last day of school came, and when everyone was trying to figure out why there was a curtain covering the school, our group snapped our fingers and the school disappeared into a different dimension, and the curtain folded up into the mold, leaving only grass where the school had been.

In the end, we got the school back, but it had a weird infestation of Tribbles and Ewoks. But we got them back home, and Matt, Sire, Austin and I graduated. I think everyone knew we did it, but we never got in trouble. Maybe because it was the best prank ever in the history of the school, and no one was able to prove we did it?