Archived: The Age of Blossoming by Jasmine Rangel


The truth
The sad reality of my life is…
I’m not enough,

a failure,
I disregard my beauty,
and so on.

Enclosed in a shadow of my own self pity.  

The story of why

Younger me wished to be seen.

Seen by boys and viewed as beautiful,

but no matter how hard I tried that would never be my life.

I’m not going to be that beautiful girl that makes heads turn.
I’m not the girl guys walk up to.
Nor am I the girl that gets all the compliments.
I’m not that beautiful face that you can’t forget.
Instead I’m the girl everyone overlooks.
I’m the background music that gets ignored.
The one who always gets picked last.
I will never be the apple of their eye.
The realization
I’ve gotten used to not being beautiful the older I get.
I no longer wish to be adored for what I look like.

I’d rather be that girl who gets noticed not for my looks, but for who I am.

      My beauty…

Is the lyrics of the song you choice not to know, rather than the background music you hear me as.
Is the hidden meaning in the poem you choose not to comprehend.
It is more than what meets the eye.

Who I am?

If you give me a chance you realize I’m the jewel of the garden you overlooked as you ran to the blossoming roses.
You ran head over heels to the beauty right in front of your eyes yet you failed to see the gem that I was.
Beauty is something I hold within myself and that is what people are blind to.  
I am not just one thing but a million things combined.
I am not the everyday rose, but the vibrant yellow sunflower shining with color.
My flaws make me the beautiful flower that I am.
Those flaws are a part of me.

As my life goes on….

I start to appreciate my flaws instead of having people appreciate them for me.  

I see that I’m more than just a glass reflection.

I feel like a shadow when I shouldn’t have to be.

I noticed that I cared so much about what I was looking at in the mirror.

I choose to view my inner beauty rather than my outer beauty.


I used to wake up wanting to be that rose that everyone adores when I failed to realize I am my own flower with hidden beauty.
I don’t lack beauty because you fail to see it in me, I lack beauty because I refuse to see it in myself.

Beauty is in your own hands

Beauty isn’t a stamp of approval given by others nor is it the need of recognition.
Beauty is in all of us we just need to look in the right mirror.
The road to self healing starts with self love.
If I ever wish to be more than the shadow I have become I have to view myself as more than just a reflection.

I am beauty.

Bio: The Age of Blossoming is a poem that is meant to empower oneself. At the start of the poem, the reader is placed in a viewpoint of a person who feels invisible to the world, but also feels invisible in their own skin. The reader is meant to easily relate to this character because there is a moment in everybody’s life where they feel lost within themselves. As the poem continues, the reader is presented with the emotion of loneliness because their differences do not reflect the rest of world. The purpose of this sorrowful attitude is to focus on the reader’s heartstrings in order to bring out the emotions of isolation or non acceptance that they may face towards themselves. Even with the sense despair intertwined in the poem, the tone is able to change directions to become more inspirational. The goal of my poem is to express to individuals that their differences do not make them invisible, but unique. Their flaws reflect their beauty and a person should not feel as if their distinctions excluded them from society. My poem conveys that a person should not feel the need to reform themselves to fit the standards of others.