Archived: Sunsets and Nature by Armando Lopez

Biography: I am a student at Aims. At first I had no idea what I wanted to do coming into Aims, but now I am hoping to pursue a career in photography. However, I would rather not limit myself to just photos because I am interested in all kinds of arts and I hope to try as many arts as possible. With that being said, I hope my art will be guided by God and further deepen my relationship with God. God is a big part of my life, but I am a really bad public speaker so I hope my art can do the talking for me. With my art I try to plan as much as I can and if there is a meaning/story I want to portray, I work my piece around that idea. I don’t really have a specific person that inspired me. I remember as a kid tracing images and then showing them to my parents and they said I was talented and that served as my spark. I don’t trace anymore and I don’t look for praise on my work anymore, at least not openly. I instead want to feel satisfied with my work and proud of what I’ve done, which doesn’t come with every piece, even if those around me love it.