Squaring the Circle by Lynn Cornelius

Hand-woven tapestry, hand-dyed cotton, silk, rayon; 10″ x 10″.

Biography: I found my way to Aims by way of the arts. With a BA in Art History and an MFA in Fine Arts in Fibers, I’ve taught various art disciplines at the college level for over fifteen years. My career has been driven by my passion in assisting students translate their unique skills to a professional setting, whether it be for a gallery exhibition, a resume, or in a job interview.

In my artistic practice, I primarily weave tapestries that explore the intersection of real and imagined landscapes, reflecting the colors and textures of an inner experience. Using silk, cotton, wool, and bamboo yarns that I hand-dye, I “build” cloth by laying thread upon thread within the warp of the loom (if this is hard to imagine and you want to know more, Google “tapestry weaving”). Each piece is very labor-intensive and takes months to create. My inspirations are wide ranging and include both contemporary art and historic weaving traditions. Some examples include Balinese warp-painted weavings and the work of Hilma af Klint, Mark Rothko, and James Turrell.