Archived: Spirit Ex Machina by Patrick Thompson

Everyone says to keep yourself organic
Keep all your parts together
That replacing it all takes you away
Removing more than just the base
What makes you human
What gives you the soul to live
It should feel no different
For each part remains the same
The wires and circuitry span the muscles and skin
As veins once had, delivering not blood but
A new energy, one that is ever present, constantly there,
Never truly lost and always created
The bones, the muscles, the building blocks of the body
All the same when replaced, their textures, mobility,
All the same, delivering the same response
Yet they do not feel as ours
Their power almost a lie
Constantly whispering in the ear
In the form of whirs, clicks, beeps, creaks
The want for more is intoxicating,
Leaving us thirsty for more
As the weak is replaced with the strong,
Circuits for our veins, the flowing energy our blood
Titanium for bones
Steel for muscles
Our feelings flee further and further away
As the circuits whispers growing louder,
Eager for more, leaving you hungry,
Yet with each fill the hunger grows and never fills
Only when the last of humanity is removed, the old gone
The Whisper of the tech
A voice now in full volume
Mirroring our own thoughts and feelings
But is it the same?
Is it human
Or something else
A mere Soul Ex Machina
To act as one last replacement