Soul’s Vessel by Emma Kim

Having a body is such a strange thing,

The moment you become aware-

Of your soul’s vessel;

There is much more to consider.

In youth we move freely;

As we’re older we contain the creativity,

That yearns to burst free.

As dancers our bodies are used to communicate,

But so often we scold and reprimand,

Our soul’s vessel for talking to the world.


Feet, which connect us to earth’s soil-

Suddenly aren’t pointed enough.

The legs we use to explore and transport-

Are now a disappointment;

But still they stretch to their limits.

A spine–

If you can’t bend and twist it in any and every direction,

Then what’s the point?

Still our bodies continue…


But soon enough the body learns,

Disconnect from the mind;

That’s how the joy will return.

Now movement is seen as a beautiful privilege,

What it always has been.

And soon enough the need to create returns.

So next time you experience your soul’s vessel-

Speak to the world,

Choose to love it.