Archived: Song of the Force by Phillip Lara

A fallen star, a rising storm; a million
Stories told in the sky. Living things bound to rock and water.
Unaware of what the stratosphere has to say.
It speaks in whispers, it is the waves on the beach that sweeps
The sand to the sea. It is the breeze in the trees that forces the leaves to fall.
It is the setting sun that pulls away from the sky to make way for the new moon
To darken the hour.

Though it can’t be seen it emits a greater sense of purpose;
To ensure that every beast, every being can thrive under a gray sky.
It’s a song that travels through the hearts of many without making a sound;
A melody creating echoes belonging to a beat of a pulse.

It can be misunderstood many times. It can’t be seen in the shadows
Though it will unveil hope in times of horror.
It binds star systems and permeates radiance.
It is a voice of calm that travels far and wide; it cry’s out
In waves but carries in currents.
Sometimes it seems distant and out of reach yet instills
a feeling that never dims.


Biography: I work in food services here at Aims. Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed being a storyteller in some way or another. Whether that would be taking a pen or a picture to paper; my goal has always been to bring my stories to life and hopefully inspire, uplift anyone who finds an attachment to my photographs or is moved by a piece of my writing. Mountain landscapes and everything intimate of Colorado drew me to photography. Since then I love chasing sunrises, sunsets, autumn colors and many more. Though there are still a variety of places; subjects that I still have yet to discover which an endless motivation is for me. Other landscape photographers who have inspired me are Alex Burke, Ben Horne, Alan Brock, Gavin Hardcastle, Adam Gibbs and Nick Page. Music has made a huge impact on my life, that being metal music. It’s not just a note or a chord but the lyric that makes it more than something that can be heard to me. The lyric of songs drew me to the art form of writing.