Archived: Show Me A Man by Leonel Evans Robles

Dedicated to those that grew up fatherless, had to make premature adult decisions,
and were forced by circumstance to grow up too quickly.

Show me a man, one whose aim is to be worthy.
A man that in spite of his soreness and hurting
Rises out of his bed early.
A man who arrives to work and understands his journey.

Show me a man, one who stays up late for his family and barely gets sleep.
A man whose sadness resides deep,
Has no time to weep.
A man who in the face of calamity refuses to be seen as weak.

Show me a man, one who wears a uniform of honor.
A man you can name 'marathoner’
As he runs towards the sound of horror.
A man who chooses his own death before dishonor.

Show me a man whose garage is his playground.
A man whose name is heard all around
And refuses a crown.
A man that despite being beaten down, continues to break ground.

Show me a man whose inner engine goes “VROOOOM” on the very first start,
A man who was not born smart,
but uses his grit to embark.
A man who tied a knot to his heart.

Show me a man who does not resort to violence.
A man who suffers in silence,
Stays calm through the siren.
A man to turn to for advice, as well as moral guidance.

Show me a man who is not afraid of fire.
A man who cannot be labeled a liar,
Places his integrity before his desires.
A man to be hardwired for service, a man to be admired.

Show me a man with compassion, fueled by his intense burning passion. 
A man with thick lines on his glasses,
A smooth and sweet touch like molasses.
A man whose age is satin as time passes.

Show me a man whose kindness attracts.
A man who stands ready to react
Always prepared for combat.
A man who can manhandle a bobcat, sweat ring around his hat.

Show me a man who is not shy to pray.
A man who makes everything okay,
Does not give up, just keeps hammering every day.
A man whose dogs miss him each time he goes away.   

Show me a leader who you can always count on.
A gentleman that keeps his word
Always works hard to attain his goals.
A gentle giant who will uphold a barricade around those who are defenseless.
Show me a tough guy on a mission.
A gruff wrench magician,
A homespun mathematician,
Junkyard politician.

Show me a man, success his only plan.
A man with grimy and callused hands
Overworked but understands.
A man who can withstand.

Show me a MAN.