Archived: Shart by Daniel Morgenegg


I sharted myself today.

Much to my dismay.

It just happened.

These kids in Montessori school.

I tell you, they can be rather cruel.

Sure, I made a little stool.

Can’t I just catch a break?

They should be dropped off at the pool.

The horror, and oh,

the mortification.

I must take a stance.

Such humiliation.

I’m just a kid that sharted my pants.

Forgive you Doug,

Forgive you Pam,

and all you kids,

that made me who I am.

I care deeply now.

I’ll help you up when I can.

I’ll cry with you,

when you don’t know what to do.

It’s going to be o.k.

Yes it changed me,

in every way.

Listen to me.

I’ve got your back,

should anything go off track.

You’ll see.



I’m taking writing , and art courses at AIMS.
I like it.