Archived: Shaking-A Sestina by Jessica J Jacobucci

I sit down and quiver in fear
It’s too hard, I can’t handle this
I begin to sob, my leg shakes
My clothes are now scratching on my flesh
All I can feel is the cold
I just need to remember to breathe in

Panic quickly sets in
My heartbeat quickens in fear
The hair on my arms stands with a chilled cold
How could I possibly be stuck like this
Here it comes, I feel burning on my flesh
I sit and sob, my body sits and shakes

I try to stand but fall from the shakes
I wish I could just fold in
Remove the brain and just be flesh
Imagine, I couldn’t think of fear
It’d be the perfect way to fix this
I’d be free from this feeling of the cold

But, I can’t-- I must just sit in the cold
Maybe my heart will stop from the shakes
I need to find a way out of this
I feel like my brain was just broken in
Like a baby deer, filled with fear
Completely new to existing in flesh

But sadly I’m stuck in my own flesh
The flesh that chilled from the cold
The cold causing me to feel this fear
This fear making sure my body shakes
It shakes wishing to be taken in
I just want to be done with this

I simply can’t take this
I begin to scratch at my flesh
It hurts as my nails dig in
The exposed blood feels cold
My now injured, bloody arm shakes
This can only worsen my fear

This cold flesh shakes in fear

Biography: I came to Aims to get my degree in Fire Sciences, which I’m graduating with this semester. On top of fire-related classes, I’ve also had the opportunity to take other classes like English, Math, and even a Creative Writing class. That class was the reason I tried out poetry. Prior to that, I did not have much interest in poetry, let alone writing it. But, given the opportunity to try it, I found that I loved it as a medium. It can be used for so many different things like storytelling or simple emotional expression. It can be shared through simple prose or it can be more abstract and conceptual. There are very few rules, which is what I love about writing it. It can be used for many different reasons like creating art or personal expression. I personally draw my inspiration from emotions and life experiences. I use it as a healthy way to express my strongest feelings and feel creative. It’s become important to me and I plan to keep writing in the future.