Archived: Quicksand by Katlynn Stecklein

Stepping out into the sand, I gaze
The ocean never looked so clear 
So full of life and unexplored 
The ocean's vastness looks so mesmerizing
The blue filled with promise and happiness
I see friends and family and laughter
The sounds harmony lightens my heart
I feel as though I am floating with the waves
I want that joy to be a part of me
Leaning forward to start running, I'm stuck
The gentle pull of the quicksand
I panic as this abyss starts to pull me
Grasping for sticks to pull me out
Twigs snap, nothing is within reach
Yelling at those in the ocean, mute
The quicksand is up to my neck and 


The waves crash in the distance
The harmony starts to fade
My arms are stuck by my side
I cannot feel the ground I'm sinking in
Lost for hope, not lost at sea
The depths of the ocean are more
Comforting than this sinking feeling
The ocean’s blue blends in with the sky
The colors around are blurred, and I?
I can only see the lack of color
Fully consumed by the darkness
My heart has never felt heavier