Archived: Queen of Crows by Mackenzie Wolfe


Biography: Mackenzie Wolfe is a twenty-four-year-old digital artist living in Greeley, Colorado with 7 years of experience in digital painting. Growing up in a small mid-western town, Mackenzie found a love for art when she received her first tablet at the age of twelve, setting the stage for her artistic journey. With few opportunities found around her, she decided to move to Colorado in the fall of 2017, briefly returning to Nebraska before moving to Greeley with her husband and two pets. In 2021, Mackenzie applied and was accepted to AIMS Community College where she is earning her degree in Graphic Design and Rich Media. The personal reflection of inner emotion is how Mackenzie would describe her art. With pieces varying from the bright colors that push joy and happiness to the dark ones that make us reflect on our own feelings, Mackenzie drives us to look inside ourselves and explore even the deepest recesses of our minds to further accept those around us our inner souls. Most of her artwork is inspired by fantasy, horror, mythology, and powerful female figures. Several popular artists such as Loish, Missupacy, and Gloomio have inspired Mackenzie to continue working hard to pursue her dreams of being a freelance artist.