Promise by Kim Spurny

I want to be intrigued

And need to feel desire

My future is my decision

Not my families to conspire


Life can be tough

Others try to have a say

But to satisfy others

You let your dreams go astray


Promise to yourself you will grow

In both mind and in life

In what you want to do

Not by the others hidden knife


Not displayed to you

But hidden in words and actions

Created to make a people pleaser

Out of past transactions


The life you want to create

Is yours and yours alone

Not your parents or siblings

Not your friends or past stones


They “want what’s best for you”

But they lie through their teeth

They want you to be successful

And hid your passion underneath


Hidden in your mind

And hidden in your heart

Your dream of a career

That is yours to start


You are strong in life

You have more power than you think

The obstacles create your story

Your dreams are written to link


Together in trauma in pain

In passion and in love

Words and actions of others

Create a person who dreams above


Over life and its roadblocks

The mind can overcome

The strength of the person

Helps the person not succumb


Promise yourself of love

Love of your future

Want what’s best for you

And not be that people pleaser


Have the courage to love

Have the courage to say no

Want what’s best for your soul

And let yourself grow


Biography: My name is Kim Spurny, and my majors I am studying are data science and theatre studies. I have been writing poetry since I was in 8th grade as a way for me to express myself without others knowing. I have pages of poetry I’ve written, edited and not, but I never thought I would ever be proud enough to share my work. Yet, I took creative writing with Professor Stacey Johnson, and I realized my poetry is ready to be shared. I never believed this moment of letting my work free happen, but with the support of the Aims Loveland Campus staff I submitted my work “Promise”. I have been writing more poetry because of these incredible role models, and I am excited to finally be sharing my work. I hope that this can inspire others that their work is ready, whether for one person or more, the work deserves to be heard/read.