Archived: Posted by Noah Berris

The death of American sportsmanship and liberty
Will come at the hands of barbed wire fence and “No Trespassing” signs
We will no longer be allowed to roam as barefoot children under big skies and rocky peaks
The trout will still rise and the elk will still bugle
But these things will be shackled to a name and a deed
Unreachable by those who seek them
And when the last acre of soil
And the last patch of timber
Has gone to the greedy
I will press my ear to the pavement and listen for the white water
Biography: Hello, my name is Noah Berris, and I am at Aims to pursue my Associates. I am not really sure what I’d like to do, but figured it best to get a headstart on my education. Writing, to me, is a form of comprehension. I write when I’m having feelings about something, good or bad, that are conflicting or complex, and it helps me to see these things on a page. It makes them tangible, and I’d say this is why I continue to write. As a writer, I don’t feel that I have a set or permanent identity; my writing comes from anything that I come into contact with, so my subject matter and style are in constant flux. Some writers that I admire are Langston Hughes, Truman Capote, Allen Eckert, and Frederick Douglass. All of these writers have inspired me, and they are all writers that I aspire to be like.