Portrait of My Grandma by Saw Say

Biography: My name is Saw, and I am pursuing a major in studio art at Aims. My passion for art has been a driving force in my life, but it wasn’t until I enrolled in a drawing class at Aims that I truly solidified my career path. I enjoy working across various media and exploring different styles. Ink, graphite, acrylic, watercolor, and digital art are among my favorite mediums to work with. My specialization lies in figure drawing and character design, and my ultimate goal is to create a graphic novel.

I find immense joy in the creative process and continually seek to expand my knowledge by learning new techniques and styles across different media. Art history, particularly the Renaissance period, holds a special fascination for me. The emergence of great artists during that time serves as a profound inspiration for my work. I strive to achieve the same level of skill and technique demonstrated by those artists. I maintain an art account on Instagram, where I showcase my collections and daily sketches. If you’re interested, you can find me at @sawduart.