Archived: Poem of Love by Harley Robar

when I think of the crazy things that life hath given us so far,

I think of how far we have come

how far we can go.

stop looking back dear

look into my eyes and see the future I see

see your glory in my eyes

you are not any more than you need to be

if you need to be a puddle of blankets

be my puddle of blankets.

I’ll keep you warm and safe through it all.

the dark and storms can no longer thrash this boat

for the heavens have this boat safe and stable

this boat is called love life is the captain

you the first mate

this isn’t the maiden voyage

may it be the last voyage this ship must sail

let your pounding head rest on my chest and hear the soothing sound of my heartbeat

rest your callused hands in mine

close your weary eyes and let my voice take you to the calmest art of your mind

where there are no outside issues to bring you down

just warmth and companionship

lay your aching body in the bed next to mine

where I may hold you to me and encompass your body with mine.

rest your feet my dear the day is done

I will guide you to the land of rest and dreams

if you’ll let me

please let me show you what you mean to a personĀ  like me