Poem About Junger by Alicia Kane

Red collar hanging above the dashboard, 

A mere remnant of a family dog adored.

Junger was a noble canine and gave heartfelt embraces,

Until cancer came through and silenced his song.


A German shepherd once youthful and sleek,

Eager to protect with charcoal fur shining,

Quickly deteriorated into a grapefruit sized tumor,

Rotted teeth, bowed legs, and a crooked spine.


Junger was strong and fast before he grew weak,

Loping along hillsides and slopes underneath the trees.

He was a beacon those days, guiding the way,

To home, to family, to love, to a new era.


He warred bravely against cancer until his demise

Continuing to leap through his favorite activities.

He chewed on his ball and trekked trails with his family

Until cancer took his ability to participate in festivities. 


His brown eyes were still gentle and filled with

The unconditional love he held for his family.

With a trembling gait and a whine after every step,

It was clear that the old dog was suffering.


With every day passing, he grew more frail and scrawny;

Junger could no longer wander or eat.

He settled in his corner, wheezing cancer

And reeking sweetly of death, rotting.


Despite his misery, he still gave comfort

With the attention that he gave to his family.

Though Death will come, he still shows his adoration

By leaning his forehead against their bodies. 


His moon now teases over the darkening horizon 

As he’s tearfully held close and told goodbye.

Soft puppy fur on an old dog’s body as 

The peace he has been craving arrives.


His family pets the red collar above the dashboard,

Knowing that in his twilight he feels the touch.

Junger’s life may have been taken, but it brings serenity

And solace to know that his harrows are over. 


This is a final goodbye to the beloved old friend, whose ashes sit

In an ornate box above the dining room table. 

His soul will soon rest in the summer of August

On the towering mountains that he once traveled. 


Junger isn’t forever gone from the family,

Because a fresh spirit is introduced to the house.

A small pitbull puppy filled with his spry young energy

Continues his legacy as a guardian for the home.


The red collar hanging above the dashboard,

A reminder of his love and loyalty.

Its presence bittersweet among the routine,

Bringing ghosts of the loving old dog’s memory.