Pennies in the muddy creek by Daniel Lerner

Oh brother,
You’re a boy with his own funeral song to sing

While young, given a gift of grief
Broken morals and disbelief,
Reckon you’re unable to control the evil within,
Filling your heart with songs of hate.
Deprived and left in misery while songbirds mourn your pain

Believing God has forgotten your name

One night, the sight of that hatchet filled with rage
As the storm clouded your dreary gaze,
Allowing the thorns to fill your veins.
You’ve always grinned with broken teeth,
Swung your weapon with disbelief.
You struck hard, but still fell beneath your feet,
Baptized by daddy in your own bloody tears.

He took you down to a rain swollen creek.
He held you down.
Hoping the flooded water would wash your rage away,
He held you down.
That broken grin showed frozen on your face
He held you down.
Wanted to let the flooded water wash your anger away
He held you down

Wanted to let the flooded water wash your life away
He held you down
Until you took a breath of water
And drowned

With a cruel devilment, Daddy outraged,
Knowing the shallows is now your grave
Letting go, he allowed you to sink below
Ain't-no-one with a prayer to say
Wishing this was nothing but a woeful dream,
We now throw pennies into the muddy creek.