Archived: Past the Storm by Serra Trent


Biography: I’ve always had art and painting as a way to escape the worries of life. Still, I didn’t consider my smeared pigment on a canvas art until I turned 18 and allowed myself to practice more often. Since then, I have been learning on my own to hone this craft, improve my abilities, and establish a style. I have always been drawn to creating serendipitous landscapes, and my favorite part of any piece is making the sky. Every sunrise and sunset feels like a muse to my canvas as I try to recreate the reverberating hues above the treeline. It may sound silly, but Bob Ross has inspired much of my artistic perspective. I always try to let the canvas speak for itself, let the paint fall precariously into place, and not think too hard about the result. When I allow the paintbrush to extend from my arm and do all the work, I create the most exciting pieces I would have never been able to imagine on my own.