Archived: Pacific Moon by Gracie Marquez

Pacific Moon
by Gracie Marquez


Bio: I am a 1989 graduate from Aims, and I have always believed that Aims was a great school back in the day. And, I still believe that to be true today, and that is why I have 3 out of 4 of my children attending currently (with the 4th not too far behind in joining them). I’m a very visual person, so pictures have always fascinated me, knowing that it’s something that lasts forever (a moment in time per se). After raising my children to a certain point, I was able to purchase a camera and really expand my passion for learning the art of photography. I have found that photography is not only point and shoot, pray and spray, but that there is so much more to this skill that I didn’t even know. Now, it’s become a challenge to grow and keep learning and hopefully never stop. I believe I’m an artist on so many different levels, and that I try not to limit myself to only one thing and keep myself open to learning new things and see where it can take me. Gosh! I don’t have, nor I believe I’ll ever have a favorite artist— I love that there is so much diversity in art and in everyone, and that I can learn from everyone I come across and see that everyone is unique so I can take something away with me in what they are trying to show the world through their artistic expression. I believe art is difficult to pin down, and that it touches many or a few in their own way— I think an artist must do what they like to do for themselves and not worry about everyone else around them, but be true to themselves.