Ode of the Berserkr by Ethan Johansen

I hath traded my blood for valor,

My bones for hunger, my heart for courage,

My lungs for fervor, my guts for rage,

My mind for power. All that now remains

Is soul, sword, shield, spattered guts of foe.

Though battered heart ceases, and lungs now vacant

Soul be my savior. The Valkyries raise me,

From Ymir’s great corpse, right to my altar.

Now, great allfather calls me to hallowed halls.

Now here we wait, wait for Heimdall’s hail,

Wait for Fenrir’s bite and for Bifrost’s doom.

Till then we’ll feast on roast and mead

Wait until us few can truly live again.


Biography: What mainly brought me to Aims Community College was their select Audio Production programs, however I also was surprised by their other varied artistic programs. I took some courses on creative writing wishing to have another creative outlet as a hobby rather than my job. That being said, the art I produce is much more than a hobby to me. Art is the way we share the human experience with each other, and I wish to convey that in all that I do. It is also a fantastic medium to release all of the neat and somewhat odd ideas and concepts that float around in my mind, allowing me to flesh them out into full stories or characters. Bringing my verbose style to express the worlds that once were or to create and dictate completely new ones is not only fulfilling for me, but rather fun, and it is something that I will wholeheartedly continue forward with, and something that I encourage the reader to take part in as well, for you may never know what vast continents lie in wait to be put to paper.