Archived: Daydreaming by Riley McGee

Flying, Transcending
All of the pain, All of the worry
Dissipates as his soul escapes his body
A lucid vision of ecstasy
Yearning for something greater the rhythm guides him
Searching for a purpose, the lyrics make him feel found
Carefree, Joyful
An unexplainable excitement, An unexplainable happiness
The scenery of mountains and fields is captivating
The clouds a dim grey
The soft wind and slight rain touch ever so softly
Guiding the wheat and grass to the chorus
Free, Unbound
Removing the chains, Removing the doubt
He flies into the sky where the birds sing the melody
The wind blows through his hair and clothes
Giving him a feeling unlike any other
The verse gives him peace
Moved, Driven
Hearing a voice, Hearing the call
The voice whispers ever so softly
“Go and chase that dream”
Yet he refuses to believe that dream to be possible
The doubt returns
Doubting, Fearing
The clouds turn black, The storm worsens
With it the voice of fear telling him he’s not enough
For a moment he believes it
Worry, Anxiety
He falls to the ground, He falls in his head
“I can never do it”
“I am not enough”
“They were all right, I have no chance”
Quietly he cries
Pain, Regret
Memories of the loss, Memories of the mistakes
Seeing the people who once cared for him in pain
The pain that was caused by no one other than himself
Yet, the pain escapes in the sight of someone greater
Than this broken man ever could be
Uplifted, Encouraged
“Believe you are enough, Believe not those lies”
The son says as he picks him up from his knees
“I did not make you to doubt yourself”
“I made you to chase your dreams”
“The dreams you are capable of chasing”
Free, Forgiven
All of the pain, All of the regret
Diminished in the light brighter than the son
3 nails, 1 cross so we can walk in his blood
The warmth of his arms
The embrace of his love, calls him to venture forth
Confident, Unstoppable
He regrows his wings, He flies once more
The chorus returns with the sun shining brighter than ever
The birds, the grass, the wheat
All join as he sings his heart out
He cries tears of joy
Ascending, Reminiscing
Memories of joy, Memories of no worry
Like it was yesterday
The sound of Linkin Park playing in the background
Surrounded by family, Surrounded by love
The music over the years that has made this man who he is today
Daydreaming, Waking
Opening his eyes, Seeing the truth
It was a dream all along
But does that really matter?
For now this broken man knows his purpose
For now this broken man, can finally be the person,
He’s always wanted to be