Archived: Movement of Water by Laney Gabriel


Biography: Hello! My family has been part of Aims for soon to be more than 15 years and I grew up on campus in my mother’s office. I enjoy the student-friendly environment and community care provided by Aims. I have achieved two associates here at Aims and I will continue to study Astrobiology in Florida. I am a shy artist but I want to start sharing my art more often. I enjoy trying unusual projects or unorthodox approaches to making art. I also enjoy upcycling objects and clothes to focus on reducing waste when I create my art. I watched my mother create many Halloween costumes over the years and I finally decided to try them myself! I love making art that can be interacted with and eccentric pieces. This art piece is inspired by the waves on the beach and obtaining perfection by accepting imperfection. The delicate material, tulle, that this garment is made of was very difficult to control and form into the desired shape. As much as I struggled with this piece, I am pleased with the results and journey.