Mother by Zackari Bueno

Tired, and exhausted, turning the lights on for the front porch, 

Moving long hair from dark eyes, holding a crying babe

Rocking, shushing, silently praying for it to end

To end the pain

To end the thoughts of the man that left

The baby continues to cry, and cannot consult

Only rock

And rock

And rock

The moon shines down on the scene, illuminating tears

Wiping tears gently, continuing to soothe

Can’t go on, can’t go one without him

Wind shakes the tree, her eyes look up

A deer, lone and graceful, 

resting just beyond the light of the front

No worries, no issues, soft serenity

The baby has stopped crying,

The mind and world are silent

Studying, studying, and finally concluding

Nodding, tying her greyed hair back into a ponytail

Setting her baby off to bed

A kiss on the forehead

Staying up late, quietly 







Climbing into bed for a short rest

Before doing it again tomorrow

Looking outside, beyond the crib by the window

Staring at the now-sinking moon

Ready to take back life, to make a story

To make a new life

He may not be here now

She is here now

No faltering, no mistakes

Only support

For her sliver of moonlight

Eyes closing

Fist clenching as

Something bold takes hold

No more tears

Only work and hope and love