Archived: Moonrise by Daren Ford


Biography: Hi, I’m Daren Ford, a photographer based out of Northern Colorado, living life on the front range and blessed to be so near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. After spending as much of my free time as possible deep in the mountains chasing trophy elk, I started to slow down and observe the beauty I have ignored all these years. I began to expand my focus from my narrow scope and into a wider frame of view. With just a few classes at Aims, I was able to transform my seemingly boring pictures into something worthwhile to share with others. I now mainly shoot beautiful landscapes along the front range but I really enjoy shooting scenes with wildlife. My new inspiration comes from the Colorado-based photographer John Fielder. I’ve been blessed in walking some of the same paths, and I feel an emotional connection to his work.   Colorado has so many beautiful places to photograph. I like so many other Colorado photographers, and I hope to share the hidden treasures that captivate and inspire everyone to get out there and explore. The camera offers so many opportunities to share the world.