Archived: Mittens by Breanna Lloyd Green


I was like a doll,
Ragged and torn,
On the verge of falling apart,
Then you came into my life,
And started to parch me up.
But now that you are gone,
I am starting to tear again,
I miss your hugs,
I miss your inquiries on how I am,
I miss you constant vocalization of happiness,
And you calling me to give you attention,
I wish I had held you longer,
I wish that I have spent more time with you,
Who came to my rescue in my time of need,
I have no one to turn to now,
I feel empty,
The deaths in the past hit me,
But yours hit me harder,
I was there you know,
Holding you in my arms as you died,
I sobered harder than I ever sobbed before,
When my parents learned about it,
They cried with me,
Sadness encompassed my entire body,
It was like sadness was taking a dagger to my heart,
And ripped it apart,
You saved me,
You gave me unconditional love,
I will remember you purrs and your meows,
Crying into your soft fur,
You build a sense of comfort,
You taught me that there will always be someone there for me,
I can never be that same,
How could I,
You were the one who fixed me