Archived: Misty Mountain by Hannah Tofflemoyer


Biography: My artwork takes a critical look at the beauty and wonder of the world that many of us don’t get to see. As a future photojournalist, I am constantly looking for different ways to document the world around me. I take photographs that call attention to moments in time that are often overlooked. My goal as a photographer is to create breathtaking images that always have a story behind them. My photographic specialties include macro nature, landscape, and close up portraiture work. I have had my work published on the National Geographic YourShot website, been in the Young TrailBlazer art competition for the Greeley Stampede, and had the incredible opportunity to show my work at a local art exhibit in Peru among other student photographers. When I’m not glued to my camera and laptop, you will find me painting whimsical landscapes, reading fictional stories, and thrifting clothes until my wallet has run dry. In a nutshell, I am an aspiring photojournalist who wants to show the world the little details often overlooked through my photographic and journalistic skills. Instagram handle-