Archived: Memories by Jacquelyn Vick

The porch wraps at half,
simple Craftsman columns
uphold the porch roof,
providing shelter from elements.

One day, a woman 
will enjoy her coffee,
waving to new neighbors.

Now the siding is painted white,
to give opening to the newness 
of the family home,
where memories will grow like children
raised inside the four walls.

The daughter will look outside
the west side window, and
see the first boy she’ll love.

On hard days, she’ll climb out that window,
sit on the porch roof, and 
listen to her mother pray.

Inside the attached one car garage,
the father will teach the son, 
about cars and girls and life.

Summer evenings spent on the porch,
sharing dinner and stories,
the four will know they have each other.

In a home built from wood and nails and memories