Master Copy by Bruce Barrie

Biography: To observe, to see, and to do are the everyday ways of experiencing my life. I began a journey filled with music when I started to learn the trumpet at age nine. The pursuit of music has been a strong adventure for many years. It has taken me everywhere- 50 states and 14 foreign countries. I grew up in a house that always had drawing and painting. I moved to Philadelphia for college and experienced concerts, recitals, museums, and galleries; everything seemed to be about art. I met composers and numerous artists. A friend introduced me to a large clay community, and I began to take lessons throwing on the potter’s wheel.

I moved to Colorado and wanted to explore more about pottery. I found classes at Aims Community College. Later, I was accepted by jury to be a member of the co-op gallery Madison and Main in Greeley. My studies at Aims have gone on to include classes in watercolor, drawing, photography, printmaking, and tai chi. I am still working to do my art at a higher level. My classes are filled with wonderful students trying to expand their views and accomplishments in art. They are being guided by caring, experienced people who want to help students achieve and make art as they find it a driving force in their lives too. I feel that a life filled with art and the making of art is a life of depth which although often challenging is a good life. I think my cat, Noodles, wishes she had thumbs, so she could make art, too!